Summer Heat

The best way to keep cool this summer is to prepare everything before the heat hits. This means dress cool, grocery shop for cooler foods, and drink plenty of water. Stay inside with the air conditioner unless you do not have that luxury.


Dress to impress but stay cool. Wear clothes that breathe but look nice at work and play. When you go to the store keep in mind that cooking inside meals will heat up your house and kitchen quick. It is that time again to start up the grill and maybe playin the pool. Cold cuts, salads, and sliders are great this time of year. Create a salad with several fun toppings and cheeses. You can even add strawberries or cranberries and don't forget to add meat trays or deli trays.


Now when it comes to drinking water, that can get boring. I don't like to drink lots of soda's but I do like lemonade. So make drinks fun for everyone. Kool-Aid is my go to during hot summer days. You can have fun with the kids too. Have them make flavored ice cubes for their drinks. Attempt iced coffee in the morning it can you keep cool when you need your morning cup of Joe. So let's get up and move this hot summer!