What is Professional Cleaning?

In this new era of change due to the Covid-19, cleaning has changed all together. Covid-19 helped everyone become aware of cleaning and sanitizing. No longer do people believe cleaning is the same as sanitizing, which was a shock for most people. You can clean something and it can still not kill all bacteria if you do not use the correct cleaning products. This in fact changes the way cleaning is done in work and in households. It generates questions on what does it mean to sanitize or cleaning surfaces and the air we breathe. You cannot sanitize something that is not cleaned first. Dirt of course carries germs and bacteria, so it has to be cleaned and then sanitized. Sanitizing is the killing of germs, bacteria, or blood pathogens that could cause someone to become sick or contract a disease.

Many people assume cleaning is as easy as wiping down a surface and mop a floor, but without the correct knowledge or fore thought this could become a problem. If  you are looking to hire a professional cleaning company you need to know why you need them. What are your expectations? What is the cost that you are willing to pay to have what you need? Why do you feel a professional cleaning company is what you are lacking? How can a professional cleaning company impact your environment? These are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself.

Here at Cherry Cleaning Solutions our goals are to provide a safe, friendly, and professional team that works out perform cleaning expectations that go beyond the call of duty. We strive to love one another and to show that to those we work with and around. We strive to have professional equipment to perform duties that are impossible in the timeframes we have from job site to job site. We have an IMOP, several backpack vacuums with HEPA Filters, and other machines to do schools to industrial jobs.

The one thing I believe all companies at this time are in great need of are employees. Not just any employees but those that find it rewarding to show up and do a great job. People that find encouragement by working with others and feel rewarded in their own skills. Where do we find these employees? I believe we find them all around us but as a small company it is time to groom people. Sometimes encouragement and strong training can provide the tools needed to help a person have pride in their work. We may clean things that others find beneath their skill set but if a Manager cannot be a servant first then how can they become a great Manager. Cherry Cleaning Solutions is here to do things no one wants todo, or even may not have the time to do. I can say I am so proud of anyone that would like to work for a professional cleaning company. It creates a drive to be more, accomplish more, and respect and consider other's first.