Make Your Bed and Be Productive

I didn't used to make my bed in the morning. I would get so busy getting kids off to school I would not remember to take care of my bedroom. One evening after arriving at home I decided to organize my bedroom and clean up some. I started at my bed. I realized that just making my bed changed my outlook on my room and the rest of my evening. It was like a motivator. So odd that one simple task created such a attitude change. Now, every morning after my coffee is brewed, I make my bed. I immediately feel a sense of accomplishment. I have been reading about how that making your bed gives you a immediate feeling of accomplishment and creates the attitude of productivity for the rest of the day. I believe this is true. I hope that each morning as you get out of your bed you can quickly straighten your bed and maybe start organizing the rest of your rooms to feel less stress. I know it makes a daily difference in my family like and work life. Have a great day!