Residential Cleaning

Basic Maintenance Clean

Starting Prices at $125

Bathroom(s) clean, sweep and mop hard surfaced flooring, routine dust removal.


First time maintenance clean

Standard 2bed/2bath

Standard 3bed/2bath

Standard 4bed/3bath


* Standard* Pricing based on general spec. dwellings with Industry standard flooring, windows, doors, appliances, counter-tops, and fixtures.

Deep Cleans

Starting Prices at $225

(Ensure optimal time is allowed to perform this service) Baseboards, light fixtures, all flooring, all appliances, all windows, Bathrooms, Deep dust removal. *All appliances moved and cleaned underneath.


Deep Clean 

Standard 2Bed/2Bath

Standard 3Bed/2Bath



* Standard * Pricing based on general spec. dwellings with industry standard flooring, doors, windows, appliances, counter-tops, and fixtures.


 Tile/Grout Clean

Scrub, Clean, Buff and Re-Seal all Tile Floors


Standard 10ft x 10ft Room

Clean, Seal and buff tiled floor..$225 Additional 10ft x 10ft Room......$125 


Starting Prices at $50

Apartment Make-Ready carpet upholstery cleaning solutions

Standard 2Bed/2Bath                   Standard 3Bed/2Bath           Standard 4Bed/3Bath

Residential upholstery Cleaning Solutions                                   Standard 2 Bed/2Bath           Standard 3Bed/2Bath           Standard 4Bed/3Bath

Emergency Water Extraction 24hr service                                           During Business Hours                 After Business Hours

* All Pricing is based upon Industry Standard specs. for each individual service*

Commercial Cleaning

Call for Estimates 

Commercial Office Cleaning 


Weekly/Monthly maintenance   clean schedule 


Trash removal, Flooring, Bathrooms, Dusting



Our pricing will depend upon the sq. footage of your office, amount of traffic and frequency in which we provide our services. The more often we are able to clean the more affordable the pricing is.


 Commercial Buildings



Weekly/Monthly maintenance   clean schedule


Banks, Hair Salons, Car Dealerships, Fitness Centers, Warehouses


We provide cleaning solutions for the messiest, nastiest commercial project out there. Most often general maintenance cleans are what your looking for, however we have the equipment and expertise to tackle any project.

 Commercial Window Washing


Routine scheduled window washing



Restaurants, Store fronts, Retail, Office Buildings

 Tile/Grout Clean and    Re-Seal


Commercial Re-Seal



Restaurants, Offices, Retail, Grocery Stores


This is a standard price for 150-300 sq. ft. of flooring tile.

Commercial Hard Surface Re-Finishing

Strip and Finish (VCT) tile flooring


Our process will take up soiled finish and apply up to 4 coats of new finish


Maintenance Buff of (VCT) tile flooring


Weekly/Monthly maintenance buff of finished floor to remove soil and bring back gloss