Other Cleaning Services

Did we mention we are a full-scale cleaning company? We offer a variety of additional services available to add to any of our other cleaning services or as stand-alone service. Contact us to schedule an estimate today!

  • Do you clean appliances?

      Yes, we do! If you'd like us to clean the inside of your appliances, we'd be happy to clean out that dirty fridge or oven, or tackle the inside of all your appliances. Please note that due to liability issues, we do not move appliances. We will clean under them as best as we can.

      clean oven, racks, and grill $19-$28

      clean refrigerator inside, racks, drawers $19-$28

      clean inside of dishwasher $19-$28

      *microwaves are included in our general cleaning rates

  • Do you do windows?


      Yes, we do windows, inside and out.

      Rate for general clean of windows is $10 per window.

      Rate for deep clean of windows is $13. This includes removing stickers and post-construction mud and dirt.

  • Do you clean floors?

      Yes, we do. We are equiped with everything we need to clean all types of flooring including tile, wood, carpets, laminate, and even grout! We also offer waxing and buffing. Rates start at $0.35 per square foot.