Get in Clean before Halloween

It is that time of year again! The weather is cooler and leaves are changing color, jackets and sweaters are coming out of the closets. This is my favorite time of year. Everyone gets happier due to the joy of the season. I look forward to the smiling faces, hot coffee, and fun music. This time of the year is my time to clean and organize. I spent this last weekend in the kitchen baking like it was Thanksgiving! Why? Well my family got together and cleaned and organized the entire house. Sounds fun, right! I would love to be that person that said, NOT, but it was great! I felt accomplishment all around me.

I am excited about Halloween. When I am excited there is not a choice but to join me. Food is my great motivator I think. My kids were happy and loved their clean rooms. They didn't even complain one time. The house is clean, bellies are full, and my family is happy.



So now I have to plan the next weekend….. What are you going to do this weekend to get yourselves ready for the season?